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Re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by SteveUrbana
10/12/2011  7:46:00 AM
"Club dancing" mainly Salsa, WC Swing, Hustle, etc. seems to be inhabited by a much younger crowd where singles are quite prevalent, and hence a lot of switching partners.

Also, if you get serious about competing in ballroom (which I highly recommend, since it's hard to learn to dance well in social dance instructional venues), you'll need a fixed partner and once you get one you'll be dancing mostly with them.

You might also check any local colleges/universities for their dance clubs, which are often open to outsiders. Don't worry about them being too small -- I've seen tiny colleges with great ballroom programs!
Re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by Anna
10/13/2011  2:18:00 AM
When I first got interested in Ballroom Dancing many years ago TV was in its infancy ( most people didn't have one ). If we went out it was to a Dance Hall or the Cinemas to watch a movie. From that some became more interested and went for lessons or to classes or both. They were very affordable. Today the only oeople who can afford are those of the older age group whos children are grown up. The house is probably paid for. They are probably retired. And they have found a hobby which involves both the husband and wife. Where I come from it is possible to attend a dance in the morning afternoon and evening and I kid you not this is seven days a week and at more than one location. And guesse what they are well into their 50's and older.
Re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by terence2
10/13/2011  4:07:00 AM

I dont know where you live, but, Salsa and WCS, are not remotely populated by the younger generation ( States side, WCS and Salsa.. and salsa in the UK ) .

Of course, we need to define " younger ".. The locations I have taught and danced in for many yrs, have, for e.g.in some Southern US States a dominant older clientele, and yes, there are clubs that attract the younger crowd .

WCS seems populated by a 25 - 50 age group from my past experience.
Re: re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by mdcstepsahead
11/27/2011  6:41:00 PM
One year ago I started a Dance & Ballroom studio in Washington State, USA what we see is our average age is 20-35. It seems that the younger crowd has discovered ballroom dancing, Dancing with the Stars has helped with that perception. One thing that has helped us out is our willingness to teach to modern music. The dancers love it and we have had more than one patron come just because we play modern music, my instructor will even ask what music they like to see if there is somthing of that he can teach to. Eventually we get them on the competition and performance music, but to start this has help us a lot! Hope that you find this helpful
Re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by BornDancer96
2/22/2012  1:33:00 PM
I have been ballroom and latin dancing for almost 7 years now. I started when I was 8. I dance with my intructor, who just turned 46 a few days ago. At first, for about 2 years, I was the only younger person, then I noticed more and more younger people starting to join. being the only young one is a problem! i think thts what makes us even more special ! :) if you really would like to promote ballroom dance in your town, talk to the studio owner and see if you can make flyers and hang them up around your town.
Re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by Jeanne Nem
1/2/2013  1:32:00 AM
H Kevn,
The reason I thnk most people n the states do not start earler s because of the expense especally wth the economy today. I am a sngle mother that found ballroom danng to be out of the queston on a teacher,s salary. However, my daughter Meghan was very serous about startng to dance so I put her n some lessons at the age of tweleve. When she was thrteen I had been lad off and therefore forced to move to Florda where the pay was even less. However, a few years later we were fortunate enough to fnd a program called Spat Cats. Ths program s wonderful because t has allowed my daughter to get back nto ballroom dance and compete, somethng Meghan enjoys so much and s so good at. She has found a partner now and s workng on competnng as a professonal soon, wthout Spats ths never would have been a possblty. I am so grateful for the program, more programs lke ths need to be started because t brngs youth nto ballroom dance. If you ever want more nfo you can contact Meghan or myself at jeannenem at yahoo.com (sorry I am currently out of the country and can not fnd the at button. LOL
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