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Re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by Anna
10/13/2011  2:18:00 AM
When I first got interested in Ballroom Dancing many years ago TV was in its infancy ( most people didn`t have one ). If we went out it was to a Dance Hall or the Cinemas to watch a movie. From that some became more interested and went for lessons or to classes or both. They were very affordable. Today the only oeople who can afford are those of the older age group whos children are grown up. The house is probably paid for. They are probably retired. And they have found a hobby which involves both the husband and wife. Where I come from it is possible to attend a dance in the morning afternoon and evening and I kid you not this is seven days a week and at more than one location. And guesse what they are well into their 50`s and older.
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