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Re: comfortable dance shoes
Posted by Elizabeth
10/29/2011  8:14:00 PM
I just ordered some custom ballroom shoes through the internet. Step One dance shoes in Ohio allows you to return them once if they don't work out with a re-stocking fee and they will mail you shoes to try on if you want. I have wicked bunions myself and made a mistake by ordering double wide to accomodate my bunions but had to return them. I ended up trying a sample medium width 11 in this style (Glide Chrissy Ladies Custom Round Closed-Toe w/T-Strap) which fit and have ordered them in nude leather. The toe box is rounder and kinder to bunions and the T-strap gives extra support. You can order their shoes with all kinds of extras if you want (different colors, removable inserts, different heel sizes/types, rhinestone straps, etc.) Mine cost $122 which is comparable to many shoes they sell at comps. At least this time I know they'll fit. Rose is very helpful at Step One.


I also learned from a friend of mine who used to work at Nordstroms that they have a specific tool to stretch shoes for bunions (it doesn't stretch the whole shoe box, just the bunion area). So if I have any trouble, that's where I'm taking my shoes!

Good luck! Something else to try might be http://www.ballroomgifts.com/FootComfort.html

I haven't tried their jelly pads myself but some people rave about them...
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