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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by binky54
3/8/2012  4:31:00 PM
I am sorry that some people have had bad experiences with Arthur Murray Studios. I began dancing a year ago - had never ballroom danced in my life. I was very uncomfortable in a ballroom dance setting. On my wife's initiative, we took an introductory package of 10 private and 20 group classes at the Victoria, BC AM Studio. The instructors broke down the basics in a way that was understandable and also made me feel comfortable in a dance environment. I did not - and do not have aspirations to be a high level ballroom dancer; I just wanted to know the basics and not feel awkward in a dance situation. The instructors were excellent and gave me comfort and confidence in ballroom dancing. And their style of teaching was perfect for a neophyte like myself. After that, we decided to expand our experience by taking lessons with a recognized competitive professional at a different place - and found that this person, although a successful national level competitor, was not well suited to teaching basic technique to beginners. And so, I don't think it is fair to say that you need an advanced professional to teach ballroom dancing - it depends on the student. As a beginner, I would much rather have a less experienced teacher who knows basic technique and can show me the basics in a clear and patient manner instead of a seasoned successful and advanced competitive pro who goes way beyond my skills and capabilities. And so, in a nutshell, the Victoria AM Studio helped me as a beginner. I have now moved on to the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society and am taking intermediate/bronze lessons - and am enjoying them. But I am very grateful to the AM Studio for helping me take my first steps as a dancer.
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