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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Steven Brittan
3/9/2012  4:42:00 AM
I have just read your message and I agree with you. The Arthur Murray company is one RIP OFF and I hope they see this reply. To start with I have never in my life seen an under arm turn in the waltz it is childish to start with and the rumba well what can I say ??????? They teach it wrong to every client and they dance it on the count of one and it should be on the count of two. they make you dance on a bent knee and it should be straight knee. There professional certificates are not worth a lite in the professional ranks when a person takes an exam they ask you a few questions, dance a couple of steps and then they say you have passed what a load of rubbish. I an a qualified dance teacher here in the UK hold letters behind my name with the IDTA and the UKA. so I know what I am talking about. The price of lessons and the amount you have to purchase. the whole company is a high street con in most countries you can book a lesson and pay for it on the day also you are not limited to the step you can learn. It is people like us who should warn others about the murray company and advise them not to entertain them with our money also would be interesting if they are insured and what dose the insurance cover ?????????
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