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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by TeacherNotStudio
3/9/2012  8:58:00 AM
" To start with I have never in my life seen an under arm turn in the waltz it is childish to start with and the rumba well what can I say ??????? They teach it wrong to every client and they dance it on the count of one and it should be on the count of two. they make you dance on a bent knee and it should be straight knee."

There are plenty of aspects of the business to legitimately criticize, but this just makes you sound surprisingly ignorant for someone claiming your credentials. They are not teaching international style dances, any more than someone who teaches another regional specialty such as sequence or new vogue would be. These aspects are entirely correct for the style of dancing they market, and while it may not be what you or I prefer, that is the style of dancing that is dominant in most of the markets they serve. Most students making a choice would not be choosing between this dancing and international style, they would be choosing between this dancing at AM, or the very slightly different versions offered at FADS, or with an independent teacher.

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