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Re: a thank you note!
Posted by olderpartner
3/10/2012  7:35:00 AM
Thank you superdancer for starting this thread.

You deserve many complements, Jonathan, for creating and maintaining the site. The learning aids and general information on the site are great and the posters on the message board put the icing on the cake, so to speak.

From my perspective, several of you deserve special mention. Regular posters Telemark, anymouse, belleofyourball, ladydance, terence2, and quickstep7 specifically, have augmented my understanding of dance. I must confess that some of your descriptions and analyses were at first difficult to comprehend. However, they stimulated my interest and caused me to learn more about the intricacies of ballroom technique which has, I believe, made me a better dancer. Thank you all!

I am continually amazed at the degree of body control and kinaesthetic sense that is required to become a good dancer. Equally amazing to me is the precision with which many of your descriptions define these essential elements. Again, my thanks!

Kindest regards to all of you.
Re: a thank you note!
Posted by Urvashi
10/29/2012  3:54:00 AM
This is a Fantastic website.. I'm in love with it..!
God bless you Jonathan..!
Re: a thank you note!
Posted by SteveUrbana
1/30/2013  4:14:00 PM
I second the sentiments. Love this site! A few comments:

Particularly for Std, I really like when you show sequences of elements. This is something sorely missing from Dance Vision, which are otherwise pretty good. Would like to see even more.

Over time, I have come to go to BD rather than Dance Vision for ture-to-life styling.

Would welcome even more text descriptions, although the ones present ones are usually good.

My biggest wish would be for even more Std amalgamations, whether through video or just text. Would also be nice to have some "suggested" routines for Bronze and etc.

Re: a thank you note!
Posted by Administrator
1/30/2013  8:44:00 PM
Hi Steve,

I'm glad you're enjoying the site. Everything you've requested is part of the ultimate plan -- It's all just a matter of getting it done. One of the advantages of a web-based product is that it gives us the ability to modify, add and refine content over time, unlike DVD's where once the product is made, it's pretty much written in stone.

We're very keen on producing combinations, especially since our syllabus is the most granular of any in existence. A syllabus composed of smaller components has the advantage of being much more flexible, but it also requires more work on the part of the user: He is responsible for putting the pieces together himself. We realize that some people prefer to have the work done for them, so the best solution for both types of user is to provide optional combinations. And that's what we intend to do.

We did actually hope to include combinations in the last two video shoots, but time ran short. We barely finished the basic syllabus content. So combinations were pushed back to another shoot sometime down the line. In fact, we even missed some of the basic material, including a small chunk of Salsa, the majority of Int'l Tango, and all of Lindy and Hustle. So we're committed to at least one more small shoot later this year to tie everything off. Perhaps we'll see if we can add some combos at that time. In the meantime, I've got a good year's worth of material to edit now. So stay tuned and I promise we'll get to everything sooner or later!

Jonathan Atkinson
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