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Re: a thank you note!
Posted by olderpartner
3/10/2012  7:35:00 AM
Thank you superdancer for starting this thread.

You deserve many complements, Jonathan, for creating and maintaining the site. The learning aids and general information on the site are great and the posters on the message board put the icing on the cake, so to speak.

From my perspective, several of you deserve special mention. Regular posters Telemark, anymouse, belleofyourball, ladydance, terence2, and quickstep7 specifically, have augmented my understanding of dance. I must confess that some of your descriptions and analyses were at first difficult to comprehend. However, they stimulated my interest and caused me to learn more about the intricacies of ballroom technique which has, I believe, made me a better dancer. Thank you all!

I am continually amazed at the degree of body control and kinaesthetic sense that is required to become a good dancer. Equally amazing to me is the precision with which many of your descriptions define these essential elements. Again, my thanks!

Kindest regards to all of you.
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