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Is 49 years old too old to pursue ballroom dancin?
Posted by never_2late4fun
3/11/2012  6:20:00 PM
OK and i admit DWTS and SYTYCD has got me reved up. I have soem dance experience, took ballet for a year as a child and then some modern dance when i was in my 20's. I do have some minor health issues, autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis (mild to moderate, am on meds for it), and disc bulges in my spine (all 3 area) from overly exerting my body, hence resulting in an injury (im on meds for that too)
I really dont where to start. I cannot afford to pay any instructor. What i am doing is SLOWLY learning the samba on-line by watching instructional videos (on youtube and here on this site) It may sound silly, maybe crazy but i have to begin somewhere. Eventually i'd love to find a partner.

My worst fear is being told that my age will keep me from reaching my goals. Although it would be for social dancing first and foremost i won't dismiss any possibilities of competing, depending on the outcome of my physical health.

If anyone can offer some really good advice please feel free to share with me.Although this is all new to me i am driven. Thank you! ;)
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