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Re: Is 49 years old too old to pursue ballroom dan
Posted by craiguerabbitry
3/12/2012  6:00:00 PM
I to have health issues (liver diseas[auto-immune],thrombopenia, a total hip replacement[last year], and a few others). I was tired of sitting on the side-lines and watching others having fun on the dance-floor. I decided that I wasn't going to sit on the sidelines, I was not going to let my ailments dictate my life. I decided it was my turn for some fun. I searched and searched for a place to learn and finally found one. The studio I go to offers private lessons and group lessons. I took 1 introductry lesson for $25 and I felt great when I left and that was when I decided it was for me. The studio holds group classes every week with a different dance being work on. There are also 4 -5 week classes on specific dances (last month it was the Hustle and this month the ChaCha) for $10 per class. They aslo have "Dance Parties" every other Friday which are a lot of fun. Everyone there, staff and students, are so friendly and helpful to each other.

Oh, I am a 57 year old widowed mother of 3 with six grandchildren. Please don't let your age or health issues hinder you from exploring the wonderful world of dance.
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