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Re: Is 49 years old too old to pursue ballroom dan
Posted by never_2late4fun
3/12/2012  8:01:00 PM
WOW!!! You people have really inspired me! I thought about purchasing some videos but the thought of eventually seeing them end up in my closet (and after reading your stories) made me quickly change my mind! I'm glad you all responded and i can't thank you enough! ;)
Re: Is 49 years old too old to pursue ballroom dan
Posted by peter.200285
3/12/2012  9:01:00 PM
49 years are not too old for ballroom dancing you can surely do it. Just want to give one advice, its better that you start learning ballroom without the target that you have to learn it, simply dance to enjoy life.
Re: Is 49 years old too old to pursue ballroom dan
Posted by waynelee
3/14/2012  7:26:00 AM
49 is not old!! My wife and I started ballroom dancing 4 1/2 years ago when I was 62 years old. My only regret is that I did not start earlier in life. We both love it and we both compete, separately with our instructors, and together as an "amateur couple".
Re: Is 49 years old too old to pursue ballroom dan
Posted by ballroominspired
3/23/2012  9:20:00 AM
I started BRD when I was 46. My husband was 50. I am now 57 and he is 61. We loved BRD when we started, and we love it more now. So, to me, 49 is definitely not too old. Frankly, I don't think any age is too old.

One of the better dancers in my studio is in her mid 70's. She started around 16 years ago, I believe. That would mean she started at around my current age. By the way, she looks absolutely fabulous on the floor.

As to learning BRD, I would recommend group classes (as several other contributors have suggested) if you can't afford private lessons. Learning all by yourself will prove to be quite difficult.

Best of luck and enjoy.
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