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Re: Dancing with a Spouse
Posted by waynelee
3/16/2012  7:23:00 AM
In my limited experience, I have observed that most married couples start out dancing together. As time passes, they dance more often with their respective teachers and less with their spouse. In my case, my wife has surpassed me in abilities and can dance at a higher level than me. She is very comfortable, and can follow the most skilled male teachers. Meanwhile, I still trying to figure out where the "7 beat" is in my waltz routine (old joke with my teachers).

Let's face it, males have a tougher time in dance - not only do we have to know the routines, or dance steps, but then we have to lead someone else through it and stay on beat - all at the same time. So, it ends up that the female likes to dance with someone who can do all those things the males do. And, by dancing with instructors, the males can fudge their way through the dance. Thus, the growing apart starts.

In our case, my wife and I enjoy dancing with our instructors, but we have also maintained the joy of dancing together. In our studio, my wife and I are one of the few couples that still dance together, and we even compete separately and together as an "amateur couple".
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