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Re: International vs. American
Posted by OZ.
4/8/2012  3:59:00 PM
If you had been trained in the International Style of Ballroom Dancing you could arrive in Japan , not being able to speak one word of that language, go to a studio teaching in that style. You would know exactly what they were teaching and they would know what you were about. whether it be Modern or Latin. This actualy happenede to me last week. I was sitting with some Chinese people at a Social dance. I had noticed that sitting some distance away was a young lady who I had seen was an acomplished dancer and obviously was trained in the International Style. She couldn`t speak one word of English and I no Chinese. After a couple of dances I went back to the group I was sitting with. One of them said I didn`t know you spoke Mandarine. He thought I was talking the young lady into what steps I was doing. This could be with anyone in or from Europe or Asia or anywhere else in the world. The same cannot be said about American Smooth or Australian New Vogue.
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