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Thanks for Nothing
Posted by IvanChetvyorty
4/9/2012  4:08:00 PM
Well, thanks for nothing.

Here's the scoop: I'm eighty years old and my wife is in her seventies. Years ago, we were avid, active ballroom dancers and were amateur competitors. I was active in USABDA (now USA Dance), created three chapters, and published numerous articles in its journal Amateur Dancer. Then my back went bad, I could hardly walk, so, of course, we gave it all up about ten years ago. About a year ago, a new doctor operated on me and restored enough functionality for us to be able to dance again, and two weeks age we went to our first dance in more than ten years.

Trouble is, in the interim, I forgot a lot. Wanting to refresh my memory, I went searching on the web. Ten years ago, there were sites that exhibited the bronze, silver, and gold school figures. Today I
can't find any.

The bronze figures you show are too boring. Of course, they're the ones we remember best. Since you don't show anything else, your site is of no use to us. I've deleted my link to it. You really don't want me to tell everyone I know about your site; you wouldn't like my opinion of it.
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