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Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by lorenabravo
4/9/2012  8:38:00 PM
Seriously? You're complaining about a FREE service that you solicited because you don't feel like paying for lessons at a studio?

This is the second post I've seen recently by people complaining about the free service. Here's the thing, with the exception of the premium members, none of us has paid a penny to the people running this website, so it seems to me to be very poor form to complain about something that was generously offered to the public under no obligation. You wouldn't expect a studio to teach you a full course of Bronze figures for free, so why is this website different? Do you think they pay nothing to produce the videos and maintain the website?

Anyway, you don't have to like the website. You do not need to want to upgrade your membership. You do not even need to want to keep the free membership. It may not be worth it to you. That is just fine, but to write messages to the administrator with lame threats about sharing your negative opinion of the website with your friends, well, that's just very tacky.
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