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Re: Falling for my teacher
Posted by sbrnsmith
4/14/2012  8:42:00 PM
I just wanted to know what others experiences have been. I would argue that not all instructors flirt. I have danced with 2 others, and they did not flirt with me.What gets me is that if this were happening anywhere else in my life, but dance, I wouldn't be so unsure. Does this mean that because he's my dance teacher, he is off-limits? Should I ignore my feelings and what I think is mutual attraction? What is the etiquette here? In other areas of life, it is not so confusing. You like someone, and you give it a shot at dating. In dance, it's not the case...I just don't want to lose something by not taking a chance. Yet, I am afraid to. I also feel I should not. How confusing is this, and also sad. Everyday I feel like my feelings are growing. I tried hard to fight the attraction, but it didn't work.
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