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Re: Falling for my teacher
Posted by ballroomchick
4/17/2012  12:44:00 PM
Think HARD about what you want in a relationship. It gets dicier when going for a dance instructor. Are you willing to come 2nd or 3rd in his life? His livelihood IS to be around girls and his work schedule goes into the evenings and weekends as well as out of town with these girls.

I've been watching a couple for some years now. He is a very good looking and charismatic dance instructor. He has a good string of dance students and he goes out of town with them often. When these 2 DO go out to dinner with friends they often split and both work the room. Often times he gets caught up or forgets to come back and be with her before it's time to go home.

Now he is getting back on the professional dance circuit and found a new partner who lives in another state. They take turns every other weekend flying to each others state to practice. This is even less time for his relationship at home.

It could work the other way. If he is perusing you to a relationship it could work out like my instructor who taught his (now wife) to dance and compete on the professional circuit. They retired from that when the kids came. He teaches and has a string of competitive students. She use to teach and have competitive students as well. Baby sitters ARE expensive.
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