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Re: Falling for my teacher
Posted by Linda Schlensker
4/21/2012  7:14:00 PM
I am a female teacher and co-own a school. I saw some good points being made about some unethical teachers who do take advantage of students. Like any profession we do have our bad eggs. However, I would like to say that there are many of us who have policies in our schools that forbid teachers from dating students. If we regard ourselves as professional teachers, we have to be guided by professional ethics. Teachers are in a power position and must not take advantage of students. It is not unusual for students to develop an attraction to their teachers. Deep friendships can develop. However, in many schools, a teacher may be fired or be forced to hide a relationship that goes beyond friendship. What happens to you and your dancing if he is taken by surprise by your interest and doesn't feel as you do? Will you be able to continue dancing with him? What if he is a bad egg and will play your feelings in order to get cash? Teaching dance is his career. Perhaps you are his best student right now. What happens when another student come along who dances better than you. How are you going to feel about the fact that he spends every day with other women in his arms. Will you be wondering if he has feelings for any of them?

I would suggest that anyone who feels as you do should ask themselves some serious questions. Has my reason for taking dance lessons shifted from learning how to dance to paying for time with the one teacher I want to be with. Is the dancing even important anymore? If I had to choose between dancing or that person, which would it be. Would I be willing to ask my teacher to make the same choice?

I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but I have observed similar situations many, many times. It is rare for this to have a happy ending though there are a few times when it has worked out. My best wishes for you whatever you decide.
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