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Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by IvanChetvyorty
4/24/2012  10:14:00 AM
I don't want to be rude, but those of you who have responded to the message I sent to the site's owners appear not have read it carefully. I never intended it as a public post; I merely wanted to tell the site's owners why the site did not suit my purposes, that I had deleted my bookmark to it, and why.

I did not complain about the site; I never said anything about either paying or not paying for it. Over more than fifty years, I have spent thousands of dollars in dance studios and attending competitions, not to speak of shoes, tuxedos, and a hoard of other dancing paraphernalia. I merely did not find the site useful. As Bugs Bunny used to say, "That's all, folks!"

If you know the history of the Internet, it was first created as a source of information. It existed for some time before commercial activities were allowed on it. Many still use it primarily as a source of information. All who use it to read alternative news sites, for instance. If I wanted to buy more dance lessons, I wouldn't turn to the Internet; I'd go to a local dance studio. None of the school figures were invented by this or most existing dance studios. They are part of the body of knowledge of ballroom dance. Once upon a time they were posted on the Internet by dancers wishing to disseminate knowledge. There is more to life than making money. To be an amateur dancer is to LOVE dancing. Paying for love is called something else.
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