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Re: Falling for my teacher
Posted by sbrnsmith
4/26/2012  1:10:00 PM
I booked the last lesson on Saturday to see where it would lead me. I went into it with no specific plan, just to see how things go. We had a great lesson, and afterwards, we hung around the studio and talked. I did not want to rush anything or ruin the moment by asking him out. I just wanted to see where it would go. He seemed to be in no rush for me to leave and appeared to enjoy my company. We talked about our lives got to know each other a little better. Does not sound earth-shattering, but I got to know that he liked hanging out with me even when not dancing, he was relaxed and flirty, there was no talk of danceclasses or sales pitch of any kind, and he seemed to be geniunely interested in our conversation. I'm just going to slowly build on this and see how things go. Maybe in a few weeks, I'll have the courage to ask him out!
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