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Re: Dancing with a Spouse
Posted by nloftofan1
4/30/2012  3:55:00 PM
In my opinion (which may not be worth much) the follower has a tougher job than the leader. Yes, the man (leader) has to think of what to do next, know how to dance the figure, and lead his partner. But the lady (follower) has to be able to "read" what may be some pretty subtle cues, and she has to know the figures as well--unless she is a VERY good follower, it's next to impossible for her to dance some of the more involved figures "cold."

My regular partner is my wife, even after quite a few years of dancing. Yes, we have our disagreements. She is a more "intuitive" dancer than I am, and she gets frustrated sometimes when I don't pick up something new as fast as she does, or when I can't figure out what pattern she would like to do (if she suggests one) from her description. We also probably know each other's mistakes and compensate for them. But we still enjoy dancing together. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't dance with other partners, or that you shouldn't. I'm glad you say you still enjoy dancing with your wife.
Re: Dancing with a Spouse
Posted by aidenfox
5/6/2012  7:40:00 AM
Phew!!! I am so glad I am not alone out here. My husband and I are really really new to ballroom dance. We have only completed about 15 weeks of class and we still feel like we have two left feet at times. I do learn dances a lot faster than my husband does and at times I admit I get frustrated with that blank expression when the teacher calls out a dance step and he has no clue what she is talking about...even though we have danced it many times. I have to admit...even though we ladies have to think fast on our feet when we are given the lead...I think the man has a lot more to think about. As far as dancing with my husband...I do prefer it and have to keep reminding myself that he is just learning and may not take the study of dance as all encompassing as I do. I love dancing with experienced dancers that can lead you around the floor without so much as a second thought...but I would never give up the experience to learn together with my husband, partners in life and partners on the dance floor...what more can you ask for.
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