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Re: Argentine Tango missing from Learning Center
Posted by FrancoT
5/3/2012  10:07:00 AM
I, too, disagree with the learning center. The first time I learned argentine tango was with one of the principal dancers of FOREVER TANGO, one of the best if not the best Argentine Tango Shows. For half a day, I only learned the basic eight count steps. I was frustrated, so I bought a video. In one day, I learned the following steps both the man's and the lady's steps and now I teach the dance and my students love it. I first show them how the dance is done with my partner. Then I show the man's steps, then the lady's steps and then I dance again few times with my partner. I also ndistribute to my students a sketch of the steps as well as the counts like Q Q S, S, S, etc. or forward, side, back flick, rock, etc.

In one day watching the videos, I learned: Basic steps, forward & back ocho,Rock con Giro, Grapevine, Boleo, El Gancho, Los Abanicos, Las Patadas, and combinations of steps from the above.

I suggest learning from the videos and save lots of money. If you want to improve your posture, then hire an expert one on one, msomeone who could give you constructive criticism for the body movement.

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