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Re: Question about shoes
Posted by ladydance
5/4/2012  12:40:00 PM
As others have said, don't start with 3" heels. I started competeing in 2" heels because I was nervous and shaky and I needed the stability. When I got more comfortable, I moved up to a 2 & 3/4 inch heel. Don't buy a brand just because everyone else seems to wear them. Buy a shoe that is the most comfortable. You don't want to be thinking about the pain in your feet when you are competing. I have Dance Naturals and they are my least favourite shoe. They just don't seem to fit my instep right. I love my Ballroom USA shoes. I go for comfort first, brand name later. If they are a cheaper shoe, they might fall apart quicker but at least they felt good. As Belle said, your shoes have to be shorter than normal. For gripping the floor and because when you point your toe, your foot gets smaller and you don't want a lot of the sole of the shoe showing.
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