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Re: competition
Posted by olderpartner
5/9/2012  1:38:00 PM
I concur. Keep it basic and make it the best you are able. Presentation is extremely important, far more so than complexity. In some instances my amateur partner and I repeat a sequence lasting only 20 seconds. We do use sequences to guarantee we stay in syllabus but we use lead and follow always so we can alter the sequence for floor conditions. Dancing Standard/Smooth it is particularly easy to become trapped and unable to continue a fixed routine.

I have found it helpful to "try" to judge some events then see how my rankings compare with the official judges. I have learned that couples who present well and use simple routines often score well, even when footwork or other elements of technique are only moderately well done. Great footwork without confident presentation does not seem to score as well.

I have danced uncontested numerous times in pro-am events. As an amateur couple, dancing uncontested has been a rarity for us.

Good luck and let your smile show you are having fun!
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