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Re: Modern Dance Music
Posted by bmaniaci
5/31/2012  10:51:00 PM
OZ, I am aware that if you are searching for music to compete to these are not all perfect. However, many people are searching for music that they can ballroom dance to that they know. Things you can bust out at a party or perform to. The beats match and the tempos I use are close enough that the dances can be done. The reality is, if your technique is good and you know the moves, you can dance to a different tempo than the strict official competition ones. Keeping in mind dance is an art, not just a technical sport. While you will never compete to a song with singing in it, you are far more likely to create an engaging and original performance piece if you do have the lyrics. So over all, while I respect your opinion I still feel that my blog is a valuable tool that any dancer could use.
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