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Re: why count eight beats when only four are neede
Posted by terence2
6/9/2012  6:44:00 AM

Clave.. they set the "style " and are the Soul / Heartbeat ,of latin rhythms ..

.. Rumba Clave is 3/2

Son Clave is 2/3

2 more which are used

Guaracha in 2/3 ( lots of old time Mambo ) and...

Guaguanco 2/3... popular in many NY style songs.

Guajira, a dance similar to Cha Cha in sound, and is a Son based rhythm , uses the 5 "clicks " within the same single bar ( 2/3 clave ).

Salsa varies, depending upon who's writing the music; it(clave ) can be all in one bar, and sometimes crosses over into the 2nd bar ( usually when/where, on "2" may be danced ).
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