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re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by Vince A
5/19/2003  1:14:00 PM

I compete in 3 different venues, two of which are C/W . . . but they still have swing (WCS and ECS), Hustle, and the NC2S.

I've never heard of what you are referring to, other than there IS a "2 Step" with the count (just one of the ways to count) at Q, Q, S, S.

Then there is a dance, the Triple 2 or Triple 2 Step (which I've heard it called a few times), and the count is S, S, Q, Q . . . is this what you are talking about?

The main differences are the tempo of the music and the look of the dance. A lot of people who 2 Step use many of those patterns in the Triple 2, except that the preps and patterns are on a different count. Hope that helps.

By the way . . . a very small proportion of competitors, as compared to the 2 Step, do the
triple 2.
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