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Re: BDC Full Instruction Videos
Posted by Administrator
6/18/2012  3:51:00 PM
We included footwork in the ballroom videos, but not the Latin (except where the footwork is unusual and warrants special mention).

Most of the overarching techniques will be taught on separate technique videos, in the interest of reducing redundancy. For example, if 90% of Waltz figures use one of 3 types of rise & fall, then we'll have one video that teaches those 3 types in detail, and then simply refer to them when teaching figures. Only the 10% will include more detailed descriptions of that technique.

Latin footwork is very much the same. It would be redundant to say on each video, "...and the footwork is ball-falt, ball-flat, ball-flat...", etc, so we thought we'd rather shoot one video where we go into detail about usage of the feet, leaving footwork details on the syllabus figures for the rare occasion when the footwork is not ball-flat.

Thanks for checking them out and taking the time to give us your feedback!

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