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Misleading advertising
Posted by dancingdude321
6/20/2012  12:07:00 PM
I received the following msg from you:

"For starters, we've added hundreds of new videos for basic and premium members, a couple of new helpful features, and more music. The video syllabus is now complete through full silver in Int'l Latin and American Smooth & Rhythm, and full gold in Int'l Standard. And that's only the beginning... Instructional videos are on the way, as well as written content, more music, and more new features!"

I thought the msg implied there were now videos up to gold in international std for me to look at and so I went to look at them.

After mucking about for 5 minutes I discovered that I can't see these videos, that I need to upgrade my membership first. I read a little further and saw you'd added many new salsa videos - wasted another couple of minutes to find the same result. I really can't see anything at all unless I pay.

I just wanted to let you know that this kind of advertising can work against you. If you promise something and then don't deliver, it leaves a bad taste.

Yours is a good site, you've done a lot of good work. Don't spoil it with cheap trickery and gimmicks.

Clinton Collier
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