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tempo allowed for different ballroom&Latin dances
Posted by Guest
7/7/2012  8:05:00 AM

I would like to know where can I find the minimum tempo and the maximum tempo allowed for different ballroom and Latin dances? For example, can I dance cha cha cha in a tempo of 130 bpm or in a tempo of 135 bpm?

Thanks in advance
Re: tempo allowed for different ballroom&Latin dan
Posted by rgswoohoo
10/19/2012  4:52:00 PM
if you are THAT good, go for it ;)
Re: tempo allowed for different ballroom&Latin dan
Posted by billymarsh
10/20/2012  4:43:00 AM
the dancing is no longer conservative. I've played ballroom gigs for more than 10 years now in New Zealand. It's become a competitive sport with young and old participating in competitions of various grades with innovative dance routines. Many ballroom dancers also perform latin dances, and these moves are more provocative than conservative. I think they are only conservative in terms of wanting the correct tempi to dance to.
Hence us musicians have to be very careful to provide the correct music. The mood or flavour of the music is just as important as the correct tempo. Also the tempi for competition dancing isn't always the same as social dancing. I haven't played for ballroom dancers in other countries but I suspect these standard tempi could vary a bit in other places. Hope this helps...
Re: tempo allowed for different ballroom&Latin dan
Posted by olderpartner
10/20/2012  7:48:00 AM
You can find a short version describing competition dance tempo guidelines here:

For the actual rulebook check here:
and download the 2012 Dancesport Rulebook.

Both of these are in measures (bars) per minute. Here is one converted to beats per minute which is what I believe you indicated in your post.

If you can dance cha cha at that tempo and maintain technique good for you!
Re: tempo allowed for different ballroom&Latin dan
Posted by O.Z.
10/21/2012  5:17:00 PM
Guest. Go to Dancesport USA. Page 11 for the correct Tempos. The Cha is not as you wrote 135 maximum .It is 128. I doubt if you could dance a Cha at 135 beats per minute. Some other person mentioned dancing a Cha Cha to a Country and Western Band. I would almost guarantee that they dance a bouncey Cha Cha which is strictly not correct
Re: tempo allowed for different ballroom&Latin dan
Posted by billymarsh
10/24/2012  12:49:00 AM
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