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Re: Modern Dance Music
Posted by craiguerabbitry
7/8/2012  2:43:00 PM
Please excuse this interjection but I am feeling rather upset. Oz why must everything you post have to do with being "correct"? You have done this same type thing on questions I have asked. Not all people want to just dance at home or in a studio simplly because it is the only place to find the "correct" music. Some people want to be able to go to places and have fun with friends and still be able to dance. We are not all professionals that dance to "correct" music and have a readily available place to dance. Why do you have to come across as putting others down just because they want to dance to modern or even country. It makes me wonder how many bginners you have deprived of the fun of ballroom due to your need for the "correct". I know I had second and third thoughts after reading responses you posted to a request I made on here in a forum because of the fact that all that is available for me was "country". But thanks to some very nice people I also got replies from as well as my instructor who helped me find "country" music that I could ball room to at local dance spots I stuck with it and enjoy it, even if it isn't correct.
I will never be a professional but at least I am having FUN!!

bmaniaci I have visited your site and find it very nice and helpful too. Thank you for providing a place to find music that I can also find locally so I can enjoy ballroom!!
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