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Re: Modern Dance Music
Posted by SalsaRod
7/17/2012  4:51:00 AM
I agree. Not everyone learns to dance to enter competitions and some people just want to be able to get around a floor and have fun, I do! One of the biggest gripes in our dance group is the "old fashioned" music played at dances and I constantly look out for modern music, with lyrics that can be danced to so the Blog is a great source of inspiration. Many people learn to dance so they can dance at social occasions such as weddings and you are much more likely to hear some Lady Gaga than a strict tempo instrumental Cha Cha by someone who was last in the charts in the 40's!

I would also add that Lyrics give another layer to the dance and allow you to get more feeling into your dancing.

Suggestion - could you have a blog within your blog for suggestions for music to be added?
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