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Re: Modern Dance Music
Posted by quickstep7
7/17/2012  5:09:00 AM
I agree, a lot of people do dance and learn to dance so they can dance at social occassions. Not everybody is dancing so they can enter a competition etc. As a professional I do prefer the stricter tempo music's because it is how the dance is supposed to be danced.

However, socially and for a performance I think it is lovely to have some modern music included. This adds an extra element to the dancing and sometimes lets you engage with your audience. When teaching I routinely use modern music, and music my students want to use as this gets them excited. I can't force them to dance to traditional/old stuff if they don't want to. And they won't enjoy the dance as a result.

There are 2 sides to this argument. The old music is great, but we mustn't knock the importance of the modern music as well.

Your blog is fantastic and will help teachers and students in selecting appropriate music. Thank you for your blog!
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