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Re: Modern Dance Music
Posted by craiguerabbitry
8/4/2012  3:55:00 PM
If this is directed to me (my name is Terri not Craig)I wasn't being critical of the site. In fact I think it is wonderful and I have learned a lot from this site. Maybe you could show me where it says you have to be a perfect dancer to learn from this site. I am saying that not everyone has access to perfect music when they go out and that it is helpful to have some idea as to what song/music could be danced to as an alternate choice for the places that are available to dancers in different areas. Like I stated before the majority of music played around my little hick town is country. I would have to drive over an hour to maybe be able to find the "proper music". The dance studio I attend does offer 2 dance parties a month which I do attend and do get to improve my skills with "proper music" but they also play a few of more modern music. Atr these parties all of the instructors are present and give assistance and training in the ballroom dances.

Again though I am here to learn and have FUN!
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