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Re: Orthotics
Posted by AFS
8/15/2012  12:56:00 PM
I dance tango argentino and instead of wearing my full-length orthotics inside the dance shoes (I would have to buy shoes that would be too wide; dance shoes need to fit snuggly), the technician at the orthotic centre adapted standard half-length orthotics by adding a wedge on one side so that I do not twist my ankles. The orthotics have arch support (the arch of my feet is too tall) and support at the ball of the foot because my feet are flat there. I cannot wear high heels because they are even worse for people with my sort of problem, so I found that the Dance Steps brand shoes by Freed of London (formerly by Equity) are perfect for my feet and my half-length orthotics. They have 1 5/8" heels. I have fruitlessly tried to find shoes in Argentina with lower heels on several occasions. The argentinian shoes are of beautiful quality and design, but they only make very high heels. I have had shoes made to order in Buenos Aires with lower heels but they ended up making them with 2" heels (higher than what I ordered but lower that what you would find on the shelves) twice. I have ordered Dance Steps shoes several times from qualitydance.com in the UK and they post them to mee. It works out cheaper than buying them in Argentina as well. Unfortunately these shoes are made mainly of synthetics, but the advantage seems to be that those materials adapt to my feet very well and are incredibly comfortable. I hope this helps.
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