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Re: Modern Dance Music
Posted by OZ
8/24/2012  8:48:00 PM
SalsaRod. If you look at the tunes being played by the worlds best Ballroom Dance Orchestras you will find that many of the songs recorded go back to the 30`s.... 42`ND Street a Quickstep from the Film of the same name 1932. Also recorded and recorded again and again are the music from Fred Astair`s films . Many of you are dancing to songs written in the 30`s and dont know it. In those days the music was not only composed for films or Broadway Musicals. It had a double purpose, and that was it was written for people to sing along and to dance to.. So please dont knock those old tunes, without them maybe none of us would be dancing a Waltz or a Foxtrot or a Quickstep.Thats were it all started. The sale of sheet music should also get a mention. That is where in those days they made their money. We didn`t have records or the means to play them. But every hotel had a piano and a piano player.
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