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Re: Learning dance as a couple seems more difficul
Posted by olderpartner
9/8/2012  6:52:00 AM
Jongleur. O.Z. has given you more to think about. Learning about both sides of the partnership has great value even to the extent of trying the opposite role. Pros know both leader and follower roles although they may not be as proficient at both. I spend most of my time with a female pro but I also find it useful to take instruction from a male pro from time to time.

Learning ballroom and latin dance can be a huge undertaking. Keep in mind that your physical fitness will affect your ability to execute the elements of dance. Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000-Hour Rule points out the magnitude of your task if your goal is to become expert. The key for most of us is to establish our goals and what success we can reasonably expect then taylor an instruction, practice and evaluation schedule to achieve our goals. Inexperience makes it difficult to do this so you need to have confidence that your instructors are guiding you appropriately.

Some instructors will encourage you to try competitive dancing and working toward a competitive event often focuses objectives. However, it does not follow necessarily that you will become a good social dancer as a result. My wife and I do not compete together. When asked why, we simply reply that we prefer to remain married.

Keep asking questions and trying different things until you find what works for you.
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