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Re: Cruise Dance Instruction
Posted by jimdance6461
12/15/2012  6:57:00 AM
My name is Jim Williamson. My company So You Want To Dance is hosting a Dance Cruise on November 2-9, 2013 on the Carnival Fantasy leaving out of Charleston, SC going to the Bahamas and Grand Turk. There will be a dance class every day featuring a different dance, and dancing together as a group after dinner each night. We will provide qualified dance hosts to ensure everyone has a dance partner for the entire trip. Please go to : www.SYWTD.com and leave your contact info to receive a cd brochure of the trip and a deposit form.
Re: Cruise Dance Instruction
Posted by nloftofan1
9/21/2012  7:05:00 AM
Unless it's a dance cruise, the instructors will assume the students have not had any dance lessons before. The emphasis is generally to teach something today that the class can use tonight. On one cruise we took the instructors were dancers from the entertainment troupe. They did a good job, and even showed us a cute pattern in Merengue we hadn't seen before. A greater problem is finding a place to dance on the ship. Our worst experience was a cruise in which the room with the best dance floor had the worst band (except for one evening--and the response from the audience would have told the cruise people something if they had been watching). The best band was playing in the atrium, and people were doing their best to dance between tables and in the corridors. Unfortunately dancing is generally not a high priority with the cruise lines (who have to fit what they offer into limited space and time), even when they offer dance instruction.
Re: Cruise Dance Instruction
Posted by rgswoohoo
10/19/2012  1:47:00 PM
"My wife and I teach. When cruising we always go to the lessons to help others out. We don't let anyone know we're teachers but it's a fun way to meet people.

We've had some great experiences like:

1. The time the ladies figured out there was someone in the group with experience. The teacher asked everyone to partner up and this rather large lady yelled, "Ahm gonna get me that one!" She then bolted across the room smacking my wife across the back of the head with her elbow sending my wife crashing to the floor. Our friends never let my wife forget it."

I just had to share that on Facebook.
Re: Cruise Dance Instruction
Posted by billymarsh
10/31/2012  6:18:00 AM
I was approached by a company looking for dance instructors for
cruise ships. They were looking for 2 instructors to teach 1
or 2 hours a day and to attend dances on the ship and activate
the dance floor. However, they were asking ME to pay THEM for
this "priviledge". Has anyone ever heard of this? As a
professional, I believe THEY should pay ME for my services. By
the way, the person who contacted me was not an employee of the
cruise line. AND, the conditions were that I would go on a
"space available" basis. They could cancel me up to 48 hours
before sailing time. What do you think?

Re: Cruise Dance Instruction
Posted by rgswoohoo
10/31/2012  10:59:00 PM
Don't agree to anything, don't sign anything. That is a sinking ship if I ever saw one.
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