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No videos
Posted by DanCrilly
9/25/2012  2:29:00 PM
Just bought premium subscription. Now don't get any videos to play except sample video on full site. Reset iPhone 2x. Everything else still works on iPhone; YouTube, videos, internet, etc.
Re: No videos
Posted by updm002
9/25/2012  2:40:00 PM
I called them and apparently their site was hacked and they are working on the issue.
Hopefully it will be resolved soon. I miss my videos - great site for dance students like myself
Re: No videos
Posted by DanCrilly
9/25/2012  5:56:00 PM
Re: No videos
Posted by Administrator
9/26/2012  9:09:00 AM
Sorry about that. Melissa was mistaken, I had another site that had been hit. BallroomDancers wasn't hacked -- it had a different problem -- but it's fixed now, and shouldn't be a problem again.

Thanks again for supporting our website!

Re: No videos
Posted by SteveB
9/28/2012  12:10:00 AM
I can't see the videos on my iPad using either Safari or Chrome.
Re: No videos
Posted by Administrator
9/28/2012  8:54:00 AM
The iPad doesn't support Flash video. You can do one of two things:

(1) Go into your BallroomDancers.com user settings and change your video viewing preferences to Quicktime. Note that this will affect your viewing preferences across all devices.

(2) Go to http://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/ instead. This mobile website was designed for the iPhone, but looks pretty good on the iPad, too. And it'll play our videos. You can even add an icon to your home screen to make it function like an app.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: No videos
Posted by SteveB
9/29/2012  3:13:00 PM
Thanks, that works.
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