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Re: Feather Step International Style
Posted by anymouse
10/7/2012  10:07:00 AM
"This is an argument from way back when some guy reckons that it is not necessary to dance any quicks in the Foxtrot right on the beat. Can we imagine a Feather Step where the couple or not on those two quicks. Or the same on the six quicks on a Reverse Weave. What! Are we supposed to dance inbetween the beats of music."

This is a tired misconception from way back, resurrected after 5 years by some guy who apparently continues to deny the universal fact that real dancers do not in fact put their second quick on any beat. Either he has not been watching actual dancers, or he has been unable to see through his assumption to perceive the actual facts of what those dancers are doing.

The reality is that foxtrot is not a dance with the goal of stepping on beats. Instead, it is a dance with the goal of moving the body with the character of the music.

When we match the body speed to the music speed, we find (either in ourselves, or in carefully measuring the performance of any respected dancers) that the intervals between steps required by the music mean that at most one step of a SQQ pattern can fall on a beat.

Traditionally, that is the first quick landing on the 3rd beat.

Trying to force either the slow, or the second quick, to also land on a beat would break the proper intervals of the steps, removing the essential character of the dance known as foxtrot from the movement of the body.

If you are obsessed with landing your feet on beats, best to avoid the foxtrot.
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