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Re: Performing
Posted by ladysas
10/15/2012  10:57:00 AM
Hi Just4Fun, Your post is old but I figured I'd comment anyway because it demonstrates a situation I am in currently.
My husband & I have been taking private ballroom dance lessons for 2 1/2 years. We chose this activity to spend more time together for fun, fitness and well-being (stress relief). We also wanted to meet others with similar interests. We made it very clear to the owner and instructor that we were not interested in showcases or competitions. We want to learn and attend regular practice parties & socialize. We don't mind spotlight dances but prefer to be prepared, not put on the spot (which they will do).
Lately they have been pressuring us to participate in the showcases. I attended one and I hated it! My husband didn't mind but I had several issues with it and the instructor didn't find any of them valid.
I believe they are just a money maker for the studio; such a pity for those of us who want to just learn and have fun.
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