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Re: Performing
Posted by rgswoohoo
10/19/2012  11:12:00 AM
I've seen and heard rumour of different studios. I am part of a worlwide franchise and they organize plenty of competitons that compete against others within the franchise. We have three studios in our city (all a part of this franchise). One of those studios is very competion oriented while the owner of my studio is more "have fun dancing" oriented. There is a studio of another franchise around the corner from us and we sometimes pick up some of there students who come to us complaining they are "too competion focused."

But we will have spotlight dances as well. Not to be confused with showcases. We have a regular practice party on weekends and at some point near the middle they will stop and make announcements and sometimes surpriseingly (except in cases of when it is the student's birthday)invite students out do do a "spotlight" dance.
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