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Re: Learning dance as a couple seems more difficul
Posted by rgswoohoo
10/19/2012  4:20:00 PM
Well nothing like a little late response ... heh

I am glad some couples responded and was really glad they agreed with what I would like to say ...

As a single guy I really appreciate the one on one lessons with my instructor. She is an excellent dancer and the way she moves and enjoys dancing is what really drives me to want to dance better. I have found as the guy and needing to learn how to lead my instructor can dance with me and "feel" what I am doing or not doing. Where as dancing in the group classes with women who are themselves just learning the moves don't know what its supposed to "feel" like yet. Those women can't tell me what I'm doing or not doing because they don't even know what they are supposed to be doing yet.

Then I find that different people just learn at different rates anyways. Some people just catch on quicker. I think I've witnessed some of this in watching other couples practice. One of them catch on quicker and winds up being cheated while the other one really struggles to get up to speed. I know of one couple who takes separate lessons, and I know of another one who usually learn at the same time, but both a male and a female instructor are in the practice. So tehy will separate to work on the move with an instructor then come together to practice it together.
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