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Foot Position in Laird's Technique
Posted by BioSimon
10/21/2012  10:33:00 AM
Hello everybody!

I would greatly appreciate any help with understanding the Foot Positions given in Laird's book (2003 6th edition).

Page 40 describes the lady's Step No. 2 of The Fan in Rumba as a "Fwd Walk Turning" with a Body Turn of "1/8 to L" which is supposed to result in a Foot Position described as "RF back and slightly to side".

This is confusing, since in the man's Step No. 6 of The Close Hip Twist (p. 49) is also given as a "Fwd Walk Turning" with "1/8 to L", but it results in "RF to side and slightly fwd".

Since both steps come from a forward motion on the previous step, where does the difference in Foot Postition come from? While I can follow the description given for the Hip Twist, I cannot find a way to reproduce the Foot Position given for the lady in step 2 of The Fan.

Can anybody help me with this?
Thanks in advance!


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