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Best way to go Pro
Posted by Gigi
10/23/2012  8:17:00 PM
My daughter has been competing for 7 years as a Open Champion (highest level) in another style of competitive dance.She has trained in multiple styles of dance over the same time period.
She has retired competition from these previous style because they will not let Professionals compete. So she has started Ballroom a few months ago. After two months she won every heat and both her Championships Smooth and Rhythm in Bronze. She is very dedicated and wants to be challenged more with open choreography and get into Nov. Pro as soon as possible. But it would seem her coach wants her to take her time. She is already in college and getting a late start on the sport, so she feels like she does not have time to pay dues for 4 years, especially when she is willing to do the work. She is also very fast at learning and retaining steps and Technique. What should a rising star who is very new, do?
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