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Re: Foot Position in Laird's Technique
Posted by BioSimon
10/24/2012  3:15:00 PM
Thanks for the reply!

I did read that part very carefully, and it also says:

"The change in direction is achieved by dancing a NORMAL FORWARD WALK action but with a gradual turn in the required direction made throughout the step."


"..to continue forward or backward on the FOLLOWING step".

According to this description, the lady's step No. 2 of the Fan has to be actually still taken NORMAL FORWARD. The FOLLOWING step No. 3 is a backward step.

How is step No. 2 a "normal Forward Walk", when it actually has to be taken to the side and then turned 1/8 to the L in order to achieve the required Foot Position? (Taking it forward and turning it only 1/8 would not result in "RF back and slightly to side".)

If eg. the lady comes from a Hip Twist, she turns 3/8 - so she really does take a Forward Walk and turns it to end up in a position to continue with a backward walk - that makes totally sense to me, I see the Forward Walk in this.

Not so much with the lady's step 2 of the Fan though.. I cannot detect the "normal Forward Walk" anywhere here.. "Side Walk Turning" would sound much more descriptive in this case, wouldn't it?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!
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