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Re: Foot Position in Laird's Technique
Posted by BioSimon
10/24/2012  7:57:00 PM
O. Z. The reason why you don't ever end up with your legs crossed is because Laird defines:

"When using a Forward Walk Turning to change direction from moving forward to moving backward the maximum turn that can be made during the Forward Walk Turning is 3/8. The Foot Position at the end of this step is 'Back and slightly to side'. If the figure being danced requires more turn to be made this is achieved during the following backward step".

That is why there is no indication in the book of walking across the body on this step. This also applies to the figure you have described, which sounds like an Open Hip Twist ending in Fan position. That is a different figure, however, and I don't have any problems with following Walter Laird's description of this one.

I appreciate your comments very much, yet my question was really a different one: what I am trying to find out is Walter Laird's logic when describing step No. 2 of The Fan as a FORWARD Walk Turning "1/8 to L" ending "RF back and slighly to side". Therefore, I cannot simply forget the 1/8 turn, as this is the actual point of interest of my discussion of this section of the book.

Greetings - Simon :)

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