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Re: Best way to go Pro
Posted by belleofyourball
10/25/2012  10:49:00 AM
Not really enough information here for us to help you. The type of comps would be helpful....the actual names and are they chain related or are they real comps? Dancing Pro/Am is not like dancing in any other genre. Mostly taking first prize in these is about as difficult as getting pez out of a dispenser.

She needs to get an amateur partner and actually start working toward winning in those divisions....she must win there, consistently and all the way through Open Gold which won't happen this year or next year no matter what genre of dance she was in before. If she can win and this means she must also find a partner who is good and dedicated then she can start thinking about turning pro and actually being someone in the field.

Otherwise....she can get a job tomorrow at a chain making less than minimum wage working basically on commission and be a 'pro' Keep in mind that many of these so called 'pros' were working at Circle K 6 months ago and have no ballroom or dance experience whatsoever.

If she wants to be succesful she has to prove herself on the battleground and she has to pay her dues. If she is good she can make a LOT of money....but not initially and not until she wins Open Gold in real competitions.
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