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Re: Drag Hesitation or Change of Direction?
Posted by Waltz123
11/6/2012  8:51:00 AM
So lets see. We have a Drag Hesitation. and a Hesitation Change.They are in the Waltz.There doesn`t appear to be a Change of Direction.

Correct. Of course there's no reason you couldn't dance one socially, or in an open category. It's just not in the syllabus.

In the Foxtrot we have of course a Change of Direction... And a Natural Turn which has on steps 4 5 what appears to be Hesitation Change.

Not exactly. A heel pull does not a hesitation make.

A hesitation requires a pause. The 4-5-6 of the Natural Turn in both Foxtrot and Quickstep is a continuous action, being followed by either another natural turning figure or a Feather in Foxtrot, whereas the Hesitation Change (W) and Natural Turn w/ Hesitation (QS) has a pause, and is followed by a reverse turning figure. Hence the name "Hesitation Change" -- It functions both as a hesitation, and a change step from natural to reverse. The changing of rotation adds further to the feeling of space between the two actions.

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