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Re: Feather Step International Style
Posted by O.Z.
11/9/2012  7:17:00 PM
Foxtrot. Feather Step. Rise at the end of step 1. Up on 2 and 3. lower at the end of 3. Now analyse that.. not putting anything in it that is not there.
We are at our full height on 2 and 3 lowering verticly at the end of step 3 with the moving left leg coming into a neutral position. Which is often called a balance position. And we then compress,,, ( Alex Moore uses the word relax ),,, the knee so that we can drive the next step into a Reverse movement.
Dont ignore the Inroduction Section of the Technique book. If we are to lower at the end of the third step which gives us two heights to be at on the one beat we had better arrive on that fourth beat on the dot and not be late
otherwise we will be chasing the music
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